Set of 3 NON-Stick Grill Wipes


Oils your grill grate to prevent foods from sticking!

A very unique product!

  • Delivers professional-grade high heat grilling oil directly to the grilling surface
    • Won’t burn-off like conventional cooking sprays
  • Cleans debris from cooking surface
  • Enhances grill marks for professional results


Designed for convenience and safety, Grill Wipes cling to the bristles of any grill brush for easy application.


Random Quote

What a fantastic product, finally a way to sear Swordfish without the sticking. I bought a dozen when I was in NY at Wegmans in Jamestown, hoping it would work. I see on your website Publix carries it, I will make sure my Homosassa Florida Publix starts stocking it.

Chef David