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Most products from Grate Chef are consumer-friendly versions of methods that have been used by the restaurant industry for years. We make it practical for you to achieve the same professional results that many executive chefs would rather we keep locked in secrecy.

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Grate Chef Grill Wipes

Grate Chef®
Grill Wipes

Grate Chef Fire Starters

Grate Chef®
Fire Starters

Grate Chef Stainless Steel Wipes

Grate Chef®
Steel Wipes

The Groover

Steaming Grill Brush


Grill Brush

Flare Down

 Flare Down


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What a fantastic product, finally a way to sear Swordfish without the sticking. I bought a dozen when I was in NY at Wegmans in Jamestown, hoping it would work. I see on your website Publix carries it, I will make sure my Homosassa Florida Publix starts stocking it.

Chef David